The firm applies a disciplined investment process during acquisitions marrying top-down economic and demographic research with bottom-up sourcing by accessing local knowledge via an expansive, scalable network of owner, realtors, lawyers and property managers

Top-Down Research:

Regional Economic Analysis

Objectively measure which metropolitan areas are promoting economic vitality.

Quantitative – Quality employment and wage growth combined with property type supply/demand inputs.

Qualitative – Focus on stable growth markets and avoid stagnant ones.

Bottom-Up Sourcing:

Access Local Knowledge

Transaction flow generated through network of local operator relationships.

Property selection is a local business.

Asset Management

We actively manage our assets by analyzing and identifying various strategies that will maximize return on investment. We also believe that optimal economic performance is achieved through pro-active management. Maintaining efficient operations of real estate assets requires a hands-on, full-service approach. In this sense that work with property management teams carefully evaluates so we can monitors market and property conditions to determine effective strategies for maximizing income potential while minimizing operating costs.

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